Apr 17

Anonymous asked: I want to pull you close and kiss you hard. Breath you in and hold you tight. Take off your clothes and hold you up against the wall. Loving your body from head to toe, while I kiss your neck down to your chest to your naval and down between your legs, up your side and down your back. I want to feel you gush and moan in lust while you make me yours. Be slower, faster, deeper, harder and everything in between. Use your imagination, you'll quiver at the knees. I want be your toy I want be your joy

Sounds lika a plan, darling. :)

Anonymous asked: Hotness here

Same here. ;)

A naughty good morning, darlings. :)

A naughty good morning, darlings. :)

On my knees because I want to..

Apr 16

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” — Winston Churchill

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Kiss me, stupid.

I’ve come to realize the abnormal is the normal in my world.

Glad Påsk!